A starting point for Node apps

A node seed for applications that need routing, authentication and database connectivity.


An AngularJS Starter App

There is are more than one AngularJS 'seed' app out there but this is mine and personally I think this is easier to follow than others.


An AngularFire Starter App

Firebase is an awesome tool. It is a JSON document storage database, but with some sweet extras. It's got enough support that you can essentially forego any server side code and rely solely on Firebase's excellent API to produce websites and apps. This is a getting started site to help you organised your code and separate concerns clearly and appropriately. Have a play!


Mardown editor for AngularJS

So many sites use Markdown (mainly because it's awesome!), so why not see how we could integrate a markdown solution into an Angular app? This is my take on it, hopefully you'll see that it is flexible and de-coupled. Download the zip and run the webpage and see how easy it is to use. This plugin uses MarkdownDeep behind the scenes.


AngularJS easier form validation

How many times have you written the same validation over and over again? Form validation has always been a bit of chore to do and a pain to get right. AngularJS has made form validation easier to build, but until now a comprehensive library of pre-set validators was missing.


Simple CSS grid for flexible layouts

Uses flexbox to produce flexible easy to use classes for rows and columns. There are 2 versions of Grid. A modern version and one with -prefixes- for better browser support.