Simple grid for flexible layouts

Grid uses flexbox to produce flexible easy to use classes for rows and columns.
You can see it working on this very site!

There are 2 versions of Grid. A modern version and one with -prefixes- for better browser support.


Best Practices for AngularJS Developers

I've used AngularJS a lot over the past couple of years and I've found that more often that not that there are at least 3 different way of accomplishing the same thing. I've always thought a guide of how best to use it would be helpful. So here it is.


AngularJS template app structure

After building several websites and applications using Angular and evolving my own best practices I'd thought I'd document the first thing I do when starting a project; the directory structure.


Mardown editor for AngularJS

So many sites use Markdown (mainly because it's awesome!), so why not see how we could integrate a markdown solution into an Angular app? This is my take on it, hopefully you'll see that it is flexible and de-coupled. Download the zip and run the webpage and see how easy it is to use. Uses MarkdownDeep.